As part of a team with many dedicated colleagues, you make a significant contribution to sustainable and responsible mobility. From starting up the train in the early hours of the morning to its stabling in the evening, you are at the heart of a process that takes our passengers safely and comfortably to their destination, while also making an important contribution to sustainable mobility in the region. In unforeseen situations, you always act prudently, efficiently and with social competence, strengthening the trust of our passengers and underlining the value of our community commitment.  

Basic training requirements for career changers.  

To successfully perform the role of train driver at Zentralbahn, we require that you have completed either at least three years of recognised training or a general baccalaureate. Successful completion of medical and psychological screening tests is also required. 

In addition to these qualifications, we place great value on employees who think and act responsibly and with foresight. Your flexibility, social skills and enjoyment of customer contact are just as important to us as your resilience and commitment. Your profile should also include an excellent command of the German language, a professional appearance and sound IT skills.  

Requirements for train drivers with existing training.  

If you have completed category B or B100 training, three months of further training is required. If you have completed training in a lower category, such as B80, we will assess your training needs on a case-by-case basis. The training programme will then be adapted according to your needs and our standards.  

Career options.  

Once you have successfully passed your examination, many career paths open up for you at Zentralbahn. It is important that you gain sufficient driving experience in the first few years and thus build up a solid foundation of experience and safety as a train driver. After that, a wide range of development opportunities are available to you:  

  • Professional specialisation: Expand your skills as a train driver and aim for the professional examination for train drivers with Federal PET Diploma.  
  • Administrative tasks: Whether in resource planning, working on projects or in specialist groups, your expertise as a train driver is in demand here too.  
  • Technical areas: You can apply and deepen your knowledge in vehicle maintenance or in the upkeep and maintenance of infrastructure.  
  • Professional leadership: As a trainer, instructor or examination expert for train driving, you can use your expertise to pass on the required knowledge to others. In this field, too, we provide external training and further education. For example, a qualification as an adult educator with Federal PET Diploma may be desirable.
  • Personnel management: Here you can progress from responsibility as a junior team leader to a team leader to a departmental or division manager. 

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