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The Chärwald robbers trail reveals its secrets at 11 different posts, including a treasure hunt and play opportunities for younger visitors. Well-marked trails lead to different Chärwald robbers who reveal their story. Information boards provide interesting insights into the history and customs of bygone times.

The path leads to a very special lake, the Gerzensee, which is fed only by groundwater and is located in a nature reserve. Along the way, you will come across a tree with a telescope. When the weather is good, you can see the small chapel at Holzwang near the Stanserhorn.

The adventure trail has special challenges for children, including a treasure hunt, tower building with wooden blocks and target throwing with pine cones.

For a well-deserved break after your trek through the Kernwald with its many Chärwald robbers, there is a large picnic area with tables and a barbecue, where you can relax for a while and grill the sausages you brought along.  

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Important information.

Stans or Sarnen are the closest train stations to your destination. From either of these stations,  you can take PostBus line 312 to the Kerns, Kernwald stop, where your adventure with the Chärwald robbers begins.

The adventure trail starts at Chabisstein. This is located near the Paradiesli animal shelter on Kernserstrasse, towards St. Jakob (PostBus stop: Kerns, Kernwald).

You can find further information on the Obwalden Tourism website. 

You can find a German-language flyer for the Chärwald robbers adventure trail here. 


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Chärwald robbers. A mysterious forest full of adventure.

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