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Use the SwissPass to access public transport and numerous partner services. Whether a Half Fare Travelcard, GA Travelcard, Regional Travelcard or Junior Travelcard, the SwissPass is your key to mobility in your everyday life and free time. More about the SwissPass

GA Travelcard. 

Enjoy unlimited mobility for one year, flexibly and independently. With a 1st or 2nd class GA Travelcard, you can simply board the next train. And children, students, senior citizens and families can get their GA Travelcard at a reduced price.

Half Fare Travelcard.

Travel at half price throughout Switzerland with the Half Fare Travelcard. The Half Fare Travelcard is valid on Zentralbahn and SBB routes, on most other railways and on boats and PostBus buses. You can also benefit from this discount on local public transport. 

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Night GA Travelcard.

Under 25 and like to be on the move at night? Benefit from the Night GA Travelcard for CHF 99. From 7pm, you can enjoy unlimited travel on Zentralbahn and SBB trains and on many other public transport services in Switzerland. 

Junior Travelcard. 

With the Junior Travelcard, your children aged at least 6 and under 16 can travel with you free of charge on public transport. The travelcard costs CHF 30 for each child per year and couple. Parents can get the Junior Travelcard for their third child and any further children free of charge. 

Children’s Co-Travelcard. 

With the Children’s Co-Travelcard, a child aged at least 6 and under 16 can travel on public transport free of charge for one year when accompanied by you. The Children’s Co-Travelcard costs CHF 30. 

Leisure Travelcard. 

Do you like to go on excursions with public transport in your free time? Combine the Leisure Travelcard with the Half Fare Travelcard and enjoy 20 or 30 days of unlimited travel per year on the GA Travelcard network.

For companies – public transport commuter bonus.

The Passepartout fare network and Zentralbahn provide support to companies with sustainable mobility management and advice along the entire mobility chain. The public transport commuter bonus makes the commute to work more affordable for employees, with employers contributing to the cost of their public transport travelcard. 

Regional Travelcards. 

There are around 20 regional transport and fare networks in Switzerland. Whether for regular journeys or for leisure, the regional transport and fare networks make travelling by public transport easier and more inexpensive than ever. Zentralbahn operates within the Passepartout fare network and the Libero fare network. 

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Passepartout fare network.

With a travelcard for the Passepartout fare network, you can enjoy unlimited travel by train and bus in the cantons of Lucerne, Obwalden and Nidwalden. Want to know how much your Passepartout ticket will cost? Find out with this practical price calculator.   

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Libero fare network. 

With a Libero travelcard, you can enjoy unlimited travel by train and bus in the Bernese Oberland. The Ticket &  travelcard finder will help you find the right solution for your mobility needs. 

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Point-to-point tickets.

You can buy point-to-point tickets for individual journeys. You can choose from the classic 1st or 2nd class tickets, available for both single journeys and return trips. Multiple-journey tickets for six trips and City-Tickets are also available. 

Saver offers.

Buy a saver offer and benefit from up to 70% discount on the standard price. The earlier you book, the more offers you will find and the cheaper they will be. Saver fares are available on the SBB Mobile app and at

Day Passes.

The Day Pass is the ideal ticket for day trips using public transport. Spend a day travelling the length and breadth of Switzerland. Day Passes are also available for children, dogs and bicycles. 


Are you planning a group journey for your company, club or family? Groups of 10 or more people can benefit from a 30% discount on their public transport journeys. To benefit from the discount, you must register at a Travel Centre or online at least two working days before departure. 


Go on your next school trip in comfort with Zentralbahn and have a great time with your class. Find out about the attractive services on offer and the important things to know about planning and booking your next school trip with Zentralbahn. 

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Good planning gets you off to a good start. You can take your bike onto trains and buses yourself, check it in as luggage or rent one locally. Please note that depending on the volume of traffic, there may be limited transport capacities for taking your bike on board on some routes, especially when the weather is fine. 


Planning on travelling with your dog? With the Day Pass for Dogs, the Monthly Dog Pass or the Yearly Dog Pass, it’s no problem to take your four-legged friend with you. Small dogs with a wither height of up to 30cm travel free of charge under your seat in animal-friendly containers (transport boxes, baskets). 

Tickets for travelling in Europe.

Are you interested in an international rail journey? At Zentralbahn Travel Centres, you can buy tickets for travel to Italy, Austria, France, Germany, Hungary and many other countries. With the Travel Agency, you can also book suitable accommodation. In addition, you can exchange more than 50 different currencies for your next trip abroad. International train tickets are also available online at

Leisure Passes.

Tell Pass.

Simple and straightforward – the Tell Pass is your ticket to adventure in central Switzerland. The Lucerne – Lake Lucerne region offers an incredible variety of wonderful excursions. Enjoy unlimited travel by train, bus or boat and on many mountain lifts or railways for 2 to 10 days. 

Berner Oberland Pass.

Comfortable, stress-free travel in your free time and on holidays – the Berner Oberland Pass entitles you to travel by train, bus, boat and mountain lift or railway with a single ticket. Benefit from unlimited rail travel from Lucerne, Bern, Domodossola and the entire Bernese Oberland. 

Swiss Travel Pass.

For visitors from abroad, the Swiss Travel Pass is the all-in-one ticket for a visit to Switzerland. This single ticket enables visitors to explore the entire country by train, bus and boat on  consecutive days.  

Swiss Travel Pass Flex.

The Swiss Travel Pass Flex makes comfortable and flexible travel throughout Switzerland possible. With this ticket, visitors from abroad can enjoy the same services as with the Swiss Travel Pass on days of their choice within one month – but with greater flexibility.

Swiss Half Fare Card.

The Swiss Half Fare Card is ideal for short trips and excursions in Switzerland. With this ticket, visitors from abroad benefit from a discount of up to 50% for one month on journeys by train, bus and boat, as well as on most mountain lifts or railways.