The following are not permitted:

  1. Sitting or lying on the floor or stairs.
  2. Driving vehicles of any kind (including two-wheelers, skateboards, roller skates and the like) on platforms, ramps, stairs, in halls, passages and underpasses, with the exception of disabled persons’ vehicles for travel and approved journeys. 
  3. Parking of vehicles of any kind (including bicycles) outside the designated parking areas. 
  4. Blocking access routes (especially emergency access and escape routes).
  5. Smoking in designated non-smoking areas.  
  6. Unrestrained/unleashed animals.  
  7. Littering or damaging property (including with chewing gum, cigarette butts, spitting, urinating, etc.) and depositing waste outside the designated containers.  
  8. Unauthorised stay in waiting rooms.  
  9. Posters, advertising, distribution campaigns and product offers, rallies, performances, fundraising and signature gathering campaigns, photography and film recordings with installations or other activities beyond normal public use without authorisation.  
  10. Begging.  
  11. Playing sound recordings.  
  12. Improper behaviour such as, in particular, disruptive behaviour towards other customers or towards SBB staff and SBB representatives.  
  13. Feeding birds and other animals. 

The instructions of Zentralbahn employees must be followed. Violations of the station rules can lead to expulsion, criminal prosecution and claims for damages. We kindly ask for your understanding.