Short-term and daily parking.

Parking tickets for short-term and daily parking are available:

  • At parking ticket machines. 
  • At railway ticket machines. 
  • Via the P+Rail app.
  • At,

Monthly and annual passes.

Zentralbahn customers with a GA Travelcard, Point-to-Point Travelcard or Regional Travelcard are exclusively entitled to the favourable monthly and annual passes. These passes are available from any Zentralbahn ticket counter. Monthly passes can also be purchased from the ticket counter at the Lucerne SBB station.

P+Rail App.

The SBB P+Rail app is also available for Zentralbahn parking spaces. This means you’ll always have the parking meter in your pocket, so to speak. You can benefit from several options, including:

  • You can extend your parking ticket at any time on the go.
  • You can use the quick selection function to set up your favourite locations and park right away.
  • The app displays nearby P+Rail locations automatically.
  • You sign in using your SwissPass login.
  • Payment methods that you have saved for SBB Mobile can also be used for SBB P+Rail and vice versa.
  • You can store several car registration numbers.

Download the app.

Note on availability

The Zentralbahn cannot guarantee a free parking space, even if the parking ticket has been purchased in advance or you have a monthly or annual pass. Car parks are subject to availability, and attention is paid to a balanced ratio of daily, monthly and annual customers.

FAQs on P+Rail

Alpnach Dorf, Alpnachstad, Brienz, Brienzwiler, Brünig-Hasliberg, Dallenwil, Engelberg, Giswil, Hergiswil, Kaiserstuhl, Lungern, Niederried, Ringgenberg, Sachseln, Sarnen, Stans*, Stansstad and Wolfenschiessen.   

* In Stans, there are parking spaces in the station car park. Customers benefit from a reduced price upon presentation of a valid public transport ticket or travelcard at the Stans Travel Centre.

You can find more information about the locations on the SBB website.

Alpnach Dorf, Alpnachstad, Brienz, Dallenwil, Engelberg, Giswil, Hergiswil, Lungern, Sachseln, Sarnen, Stans, Stansstad and Wolfenschiessen.

The P+R facilities are generally open from Monday to Sunday, 24 hours per day.

Parking tickets for short-term and daily parking can be purchased at the parking meter and via the SBB P+Rail app. If no parking meter is available, parking tickets can be bought at the railway ticket machine or counter.

An electric parking space is available in Stans. You also have the option to park in the station car park. Upon presentation of a valid travelcard at the ticket counter in Stans Travel Centre, a reduced price can be granted to short-term and day customers. Monthly and annual passes for the station car park are available from Bahnhofparking Stans AG, Robert-Durrenstrasse 6, 6370 Stans, telephone 041 610 65 14.

In Stansstad, the station car park is available in addition to our P+Rail facility.These parking spaces are available from the municipality of Stansstad, Achereggstrasse 1, 6362 Stansstad, telephone 041 618 24 24,

It is possible to use the P+R facilities in Stansstad or Sachseln.

You can find a list of our fees on our website at in the right-hand column under “Downloads”, “Price list P+Rail Zentralbahn”.

You can pay for your parking space using the SBB P+Rail app. You can also extend your parking ticket at any time via the app while on the go.

Zentralbahn customers with a GA Travelcard, Point-to-Point Travelcard or Regional Travelcard.

At the locations in Alpnach Dorf, Alpnachstad, Brienzwiler, Dallenwil, Engelberg, Giswil, Kaiserstuhl OW, Lungern, Niederried, Ringgenberg, Sachseln and Stansstad, it is possible to rent parking spaces for CHF 80 per month or CHF 960 per year even without a travelcard. You can obtain the parking passes from our Travel Centres.

Monthly and annual passes can be obtained from all Zentralbahn ticket counters, at the SBB ticket counter in Lucerne, online via or from Tobias Spielmann at Truvag Treuhand AG (, +41 818 77 13)

Brienz, Engelberg, Hergiswil, Meiringen, Sarnen and Stans. You can find the relevant opening hours on the Zentralbahn website.

Zentralbahn cannot guarantee a parking space – parking spaces are subject to availability. We try to balance the needs of daily, monthly and annual customers.

The P+Rail facilities cannot be expanded. In accordance with the Railways Act, Zentralbahn is no longer allowed to invest in P +R facilities as part of the railway infrastructure. Zentralbahn therefore receives no funding for the construction of new P+R facilities when stations are renovated.

The existing facilities will remain in operation but can no longer be extensively renewed. When P+Rail facilities are impacted by a construction project, their continued existence cannot be guaranteed.

P+Rail GTC

The SBB GTC apply to the “P+Rail” offer.