Christian Flück, track maintenance specialist

“In my day-to-day work, I take care of everything to do with the tracks, including, for example, minor tasks on the tracks themselves and route inspections. I’m a qualified forest manager, so my favourite place to work is on the embankments along the tracks. For me, the work is more than just a job – I’m passionate about it and I really enjoy the variety of tasks. You also meet interesting people all the time. I worked for 10 years in the southern team at Zentralbahn – so on the Meiringen–Interlaken side. Then I felt like a change and went to the Jungfrau Railway, where I spent two years. The railway is currently being badly hit by the coronavirus crisis and it’s unclear what’ll happen next. When I heard that there were vacancies in track maintenance at Zentralbahn as a result of people retiring, I applied straight away. I knew that it’s a great employer. So I was happy to come back.”

Irma Kilcher, train attendant

“Sit on the other side, you’ll have a better view of the waterfall – that kind of tip from me goes down well with passengers on the train. I love helping our customers get to know the region better. I can’t help it. It’s a passion that no doubt comes from my background in the hospitality sector, where you have to be the communicative type. But my job also involves inspecting tickets and testing brakes, checking the trains for damage and making sure they depart on time. After many years with SBB, I moved to Zentralbahn four years ago because the routes are more touristy, which means you get a fascinating mix of passengers. You’ll have local workers sitting beside day trippers or school classes next to tourists, who all like to hear my insights and stories. I’m lucky to have found a job that suits me so well. And I really appreciate the fact that Zentralbahn gives me so much freedom when it comes to my contact with passengers.”

Adrian Rogger, Head of Planning/Control

“For me it was the perfect start to my working life. After completing my business studies, I joined Zentralbahn at the beginning of the year and moved straight into a management position. I can take on responsibility and develop personally here. It’s an exciting field of work with many varied and challenging aspects. I feel as though we’re greatly appreciated as employees. Our social benefits are very good, and in addition to fair pay, we also get many benefits, such as the GA Travelcard. My responsibilities include the following: I plan and monitor workshop capacity utilisation with my team in close cooperation with the workshops and production planning. We also arrange the maintenance work and take care of the scheduling and coordination of resources at the Meiringen and Stansstad locations. An aspect of my role I really enjoy is having the opportunity to provide support to staff in areas such as digitisation.”

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