As a railway operator, Zentralbahn is dependent on trees, hedges and bushes in adjacent plots being cut back in such a way that they do not protrude into the clearance profile and thus impair the train driver’s view and the safety of railway workers. Clearance distances from overhead lines must also be maintained. For this reason, we ask residents of land adjacent to the railway to carry out this work, if necessary, or to have it carried out by the landowner. You should adhere to the distances based on Art. 35 of the Ordinance on Electric Lines and Cables (LineO) and the specified cantonal planting distances in accordance with the law of neighbours (Swiss Civil Code, Art. 688). 

Information and recommendations 
for tree cutting safety 
along the railway network   

When carrying out the work, you must observe the distances from electrical cables. For safety reasons, you are not permitted to enter the adjacent railway plot. If you need to enter the railway plot to carry out this work, we ask you to call in a safety warden for your safety. 

We will be happy to advise you regarding a safety warden or on any other questions about cutting back trees, hedges and bushes along our route network. Just call  +41 58 668 83 27. 

Property owners are requested to carry out the relevant work by the end of April, otherwise the necessary work will be carried out at the expense of the owner.

We ask you to take note and thank you for your help and support.