Travel advisors working in our Travel Centres have an impressive range of sales and advisory skills. With your extensive knowledge of public transport, travel agencies and railways, you provide our customers and passengers with the best possible advice. You enjoy using your foreign language skills, especially in English and French. 


You have completed commercial training or similar and have experience in a profession with direct customer contact (e.g. retail, hospitality, airlines or similar). You are also a proactive, communicative and resilient person who is not easily flustered, even in hectic situations. With your strong focus on customer satisfaction, you will impress our clientele in German, French and English.  

Career options.  

In addition to internal promotion opportunities, for example, to a team leader position, the role of travel advisor at Zentralbahn also opens up a number of external training and further education opportunities in various areas of public transport, sales and marketing. 

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