Our train crew are our ambassadors. They maintain daily contact with customers, look after and advise our passengers and amaze our customers with interesting tips. They also check tickets, issue tickets and provide assistance. Another important task for members of the train crew is thorough preparation. This includes studying service instructions, external and internal inspections of the trains and various safety-related tasks.  


Good physical fitness is essential when working as a member of the train crew. Taking on responsibility is just as much a part of the job profile as reliability, honesty, resilience and a friendly demeanour. Our train crew should also be able to act calmly and in a customer-oriented way even in difficult situations. Finally, excellent foreign language skills (especially in English) are also important as a member of the train crew.  

Career options.  

Zentralbahn offers a wide range of opportunities for professional and personal development. Among other things, you can expand your foreign language skills with language courses.  


Zentralbahn offers training positions for train crew every year. Seven months of practical and theoretical training is provided. During this time, you receive your full salary and work part-time. The training period concludes with an examination. 

Would you like to start working as a member of the Zentralbahn train crew soon? Apply for a job with us and set things in motion today!