Employees in support positions work in almost all areas of Zentralbahn, supporting specialists and managers in their day-to-day work or with specific projects. Typical support roles at Zentralbahn include, for example, employees in the Finance, Human Resources, IT, Quality, Safety and Environment units.  

Working in a management role at Zentralbahn involves a broad, highly varied and extremely exciting range of tasks. Our management members are involved in strategy development and implementation, helping to initiate new strategic topics and dealing with cross-unit issues. Zentralbahn takes a value-oriented, respectful, focused and entrepreneurial approach to management. 

All in all, Zentralbahn appeals to employees who conduct their work with passion and joy, who actively embody the values of Zentralbahn – collaborative, effective and surprising – and who value cross-unit cooperation.

Career options.  

Zentralbahn is extremely active in its support for the further development of its employees. This includes internal and external specialist and management-specific training courses, as well as further education options.

Would you like to start working in a support or management position at Zentralbahn soon? Apply for a job with us and set things in motion today!