A polymechanic’s tasks include maintenance and repair work as well as troubleshooting on thermal and electric rail vehicles, passenger coaches and components. Our polymechanics also follow technical instructions while carrying out demanding conversion work on vehicles as well as inspection and repair work.  

The job profile also includes operating complex machining centres and manufacturing sophisticated individual parts in the internal mechanical workshop. 


The role of polymechanic at Zentralbahn is perfect for you if you have completed a vocational apprenticeship as a polymechanic or similar, are flexible, imaginative and team-oriented, and possibly already have professional experience in the field of maintenance.  

Career options.  

Zentralbahn attaches great importance to employee development and supports its staff with both internal and external training and further education.  

Motivated, talented and committed employees have the opportunity to take on more responsibility within maintenance by managing a centre of excellence. A further career step is to take on the role of Head of Operations or Major Maintenance. 

External further training, such as studies in mechanical engineering or industrial engineering, technical college or further development in planning and control (AVOR/work preparation) are also possible. 

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