Cleaning and minor maintenance staff oversee and maintain our ticket machines. They also handle other minor maintenance tasks. This includes lubricating points, cleaning tracks in public areas and changing signal bulbs on our installations. They also clean and maintain customer facilities such as the waiting rooms and shelters. The operation of cleaning machines and equipment is of central importance.  


You must have the following foundation to perform the role of cleaning and minor staff: a completed apprenticeship, a high sense of responsibility, flexibility, independence, the ability to work in a team and a category B drivers’ licence. You must also have a high level of customer focus combined with good communication skills.

Career options.  

Employees working as cleaning and minor maintenance staff have interesting opportunities for further training and development. This includes further training to become a deputy team leader or courses to become team leader. You also have the option to train as a track layer or for other maintenance roles such as a rail vehicle driver. 

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