From apprentice to project manager.

I’ve been working at the Meiringen workshop at Zentralbahn since I started my apprenticeship as a polymechanic in 2009. This gave me the opportunity to continually develop my skills and to tackle new challenges. After three years of professional experience in the maintenance of bogies and components, I completed further part-time training as a technician for company processes (HF) at the sfb training centre in Emmenbrücke. This enabled me to transfer internally to the planning and management of vehicle maintenance, where, after three years specialising in work preparation, I am now in charge of various projects in the areas of digitalisation and third-party customer business.

“Big picture” coordination.

What fascinates me about my new responsibilities is how the change of perspective gives me a holistic view of processes and structures. Our planning and control team serves as a railway-specific contact point for maintenance within the Production and Rolling Stock unit. We coordinate resources, support internal and external customers and optimise our maintenance productivity at the same time. Contributing daily to global networking and therefore to bringing the breathtaking Swiss landscape a little closer to the whole world fills me with pride.

Work Smart – maintaining a healthy balance.

The attractive overall package of flexible working hours and a modern workplace allows me to pursue my passion – mountain hunting. After all, the life of a hunter and gamekeeper is a year-round, multifaceted commitment. While we’re on the subject of my leisure activities, I also love snow sports, playing football with friends, or enjoying the Alpine views at the lake with a cold beer after a mountain bike ride.

My home.

I grew up in Hasliberg above Meiringen in a small but idyllic village at around 1,000 metres above sea level. As a local, I will also occasionally give you some tips for new excursion destinations in the region.

Let’s tackle these exciting weeks together and don’t hesitate to message me directly if you have any questions.

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