Goodbye, counter. Hello, marketing.

During my apprenticeship as a public transport commercial clerk, I worked at various railway counters for Zentralbahn and SBB. After completing my training, I spent the last three years working in the Sarnen and Hergiswil Travel Centres. During this time, I was able to continuously develop and take on new challenges. I became a vocational trainer for apprentices at the Sarnen Travel Centre and part of the training team for travel advisors. This team is responsible for supporting and training all sales employees on current topics.

This summer, I completed the KV Luzern vocational academy course to become a certified specialist in tourism, hotel and event management. The training course allowed me to take part in this nine-month exchange programme in marketing.

Changing platforms.

The best thing about client-facing roles is the customer interaction and the unpredictability of the work. No two days are the same – you never know what to expect. The many unforgettable experiences with customers make my day-to-day work extremely varied. Despite my passion for my work as a travel advisor, the time has come for me to develop further and do something new. I’ve known since my commercial apprenticeship that I wanted to do something in marketing at some point in the future, so I took my chance and accepted the offer to support the marketing communications team for nine months. I’m looking forward to working in a new environment and to learning and expanding my expertise.   

A look behind the scenes.

We are all familiar with the term “marketing” but very few of us truly understand what our department does on a day-to-day basis. How many hours of work go into a campaign? Next month, I’ll open our doors and give you some insights into our daily work. It certainly won’t be boring since we have a lot on our plate. And, of course, there will also be plenty of tips for excursions during the summer holidays. Stay tuned!

So here we go, let’s start our weeks together. Interested? Then follow us to join us on our journey.