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What a delicious experience!

There’s a great deal to discover on your way from Lucerne to Interlaken (or vice versa). All those fantastic sights are certainly appetizing. So, while enjoying the ride, why not savour a drink, a snack or a delicious meal as well? Our Bistro car crew will be happy to take your order!


Bistro Order App

New service: Order a drink and light snacks from the comfort of your seat on the Lucerne-Interlaken Express using the “BistroOrder” app. We offer this rail service in 1st and 2nd class.
How it works:

  • Scan the QR code to download the “BistroOrder” app for free. You will find the QR code at your seat.
  • Select and send your order via the app.
  • Our staff will serve you directly at your seat, detected via Bluetooth, a few minutes later. Waiting times are between five and 15 minutes.
  • You can pay at your seat using cash or a credit Card.