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Treat yourself to a fabulous Zentralbahn souvenir, to remember your trip by, or to make your loved ones happy with. Available on the Luzern-Interlaken Express, at our points of sale and online:

  • Umbrella - for drippy day trips.
    Small, handy folding umbrella, CHF 10.-.
  • Pocket knife - for adventurers.
    With 14 practical features, CHF 33.-.
  • Zentralbahn Card
    Fun, play jass, CHF 1.50.
  • Brain Train - To remember us
    Memory card game with Zentralbahn Pictures, CHF 8.-.
  • Paper train - Some glue will do.
    A4 papercraft model sheet, CHF 3.-.
  • Plush train - The softest ride.
    Fabric, cuddly, 38x8x8cm, CHF 24.00.
  • USB stick - Memory to go.
    USB 2.0, 8MB data storage. Includes Zentralbahn pix and clips, CHF 19.-.
  • Globi book -  Mountains of fun. 
    Globi`s journey through the heart of Switzerland, CHF 22.-.
  • Safari Puzzle - Fits!
    77 pieces, ages 3 and up, CHF 15.00.

Are you ready to order? Please note that we need all your credit card information when you purchase your souvenir online. (payment additionally delivery against purchase order)